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Healthcare systems in Europe have evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. Health Technology Assessment agencies have flour­ished in every country, substantially increasing scrutiny of devices.


Payers are garnering increasing power to the detriment of doctors. HTA, QALY, Quality of Life, economic modeling, clinical and economic effectiveness reflect the new reality in which device companies operate.


MedC. Partners’ experts assist medtech companies to efficiently overcome these new hurdles.


MedC. Partners  is a consulting firm, founded in 2005, and specialized in integrated marketing, reimbursement, and regulatory for the medical device industry to facilitate entry into the European market.




MedC. Partners helps innovative medical device companies through all stages of product development to European market introduction from the initial strategic evaluation to marketing strate­gies and reimbursement submissions.


MedC. Partners works with start-ups, established companies, and large blue chip companies in need of expert support to build their European Market Access Strategy. Several prize-winning start-ups have benefited from MedC. Partners’ work.


MedC. Partners is a team of six seasoned executives with 15 to 20 years of hands-on experience in the medtech industry, who have built medical device markets in Europe from scratch to multimillion dollar successes.


MedC. Partners participates in many medtech events internationally, as keynote speaker or as member of the advisory board, including BioData, BioTuesday, MTI conferences, the Nice Annual Meeting, EBD conference, OneMedPlace Conference in New York City,  IN3 conference and Laing and Buisson Medtech Forum.



MedC. Partners has developed a unique methodology, the MedMAP program, which allows companies to assess the reimbursement land­scape in Europe and find out where a device will sell best. With the MedMAP program, MedC. Partners supports medtech companies both at the strategic level and throughout implementation with authorities and payers.

DartMedC. Partners’ latest achievements:
  • ● Reimbursement: strategy development, filing, submission, price negotiations with the authorities.
  • ● Clinical: revision of clinical plans and protocols to align with the reimbursement strategy.
  • ● Business: business and marketing plan preparation, project assessment, due diligence, market surveys.
  • ● Value pricing: optimization of price within the healthcare environment.
  • ● Management of face to face meetings with authorities, payers, and key opinion leaders.
WomanMedC. Partners has developed partnerships in defined areas to support our customers beyond the stage of market entry:
  • ● Post-market study design and implementation
  • ● Market access specialist recruitment
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Corinne Corinne Lebourgeois
  • Managing Director and Co-Founder
  • Corinne owns a degree in science and an MBA, and has worked in the US and in Europe for W.L.Gore and Ethicon, before starting her own consultancy business. She has 20 years of experience in marketing and medtech product development.
  • Phone +41 22 552 29 10
  • Mobile +41 79 694 33 62
  • E-mail : clb@medcpartners.com
Verinique Véronique Timmermans
  • Business Development and Senior Consultant
  • Véronique has a degree in biochemistry, her experience covers the pharmaceutical, the instrumentation development, and the medical device industries. She has over 15 years of experience in product development and strategic marketing.
  • Mobile +41 78 767 91 26
  • E-mail : veti@medcpartners.com
Our office is located at the Campus Biotech Innovation Park (CBIP) next to Campus Biotech, Geneva’s new centre of excellence in biotechnology and life science research.
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